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ALV VIRA (reserve date) 31 August 2021


VIRA ready for order quality mark

Lawyers who are members of a specialization association recognized by the NOvA may use the relevant logo and may also mention their membership in the Register of Legal Entities (and thus also endorse the specialization).
This General Members' Meeting is about the approval of the VIRA as a specialization association by the Bar Association under the Specialization Associations Regulation. After intensive consultation with various parties (NOvA, notary, etc.) we have arrived at a detailed proposal which we would like to discuss with you at this meeting and then approve. This proposal includes amending the articles of association and drawing up quality regulations. The formulation of an annual plan with various activities to promote expert professional practice will follow. The draft versions of these have been shared with the NOvA and a provisional/indicative agreement has followed.
To effectuate recognition as a specialization association by the NOVA, amendment of the articles of association and approval of the (still draft) quality regulations is required. So on the agenda of this ALV :

amendment of the statutes
approval of the quality regulations.
The meeting is online and at 17:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, August 24 and a reserve date on Tuesday, August 31, same time. The meeting on Tuesday, August 31 will take place if we do not have a quorum on the 24th. Of course we will let you know as soon as possible.
We realize that for some it is still in the summer holiday period, but this way we can join the meeting cycle of the Order in September and the recognition of our specialization does not have to wait any longer.
Will you be there (online)? Sign up via the link and we will send you the participation link for the online hotspot in time. 

ALV VIRA - di 24 august 2021 - online - 17:00


1. Opening and setting the agenda

2. Announcements

3. Amendment of statutes

The draft version of the amended statutes can be found here; the amendments concern the articles that promote the specialization and expertise of the lawyers/members VIRA: STATUTES VIRA DRAFT 2021

4. Approval of Quality Regulations

The draft version of the quality regulations can be found here: QUALITY REGULATIONS VIRA DRAFT 2021 


6. Closing